FROM: Robert Feddes - Executive Coach &
Author of: The Successful Leader's Blueprint For Rapid & Successful Change


Dear Successful Leader,

If you've been searching for an easy, effective way to implement rapid & successful change...

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In my new e-book called The Successful Leader's Blueprint For Rapid & Successful Change...

I reveal how to turn around any organization fast...

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My Breakthrough Framework For Change Smashes The Myths of Change Management Being Difficult...

...and shows you how to quickly and effortlessly get people to embrace change in any organization...

...and you don't have to raise a sweat either.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...

  • The secrets to getting people on board for change in just days.This simple, yet little-applied technique practically 'seduces' people to embrace change. (See page 12)
  • The 21 Leadership Traits of The Future Checklist. See how YOU match against the most crucial leadership traits of the future, according to one of the largest leadership researches done amongst tens of thousands of leaders within multinational organizations. Are these traits on your radar yet? (See page 15)
  • Quick Authentic Leadership Exercise to help you get crystal clear on How YOU Should Lead To Thrive. This will sharpen your leadership impact. And focus you on what you do best and what you uniquely bring to the table. This will send a ripple of authenticity throughout your organization.
    Get ready for increased levels of trust. See how this opens people's hidden barriers to you as a leader on subconscious levels. People long for leaders who lead from the heart. Whom they WANT to follow. This is how to reach your next levels of leadership. (See page 16)
  • The Storytelling Principle of onboarding people for you as a leader. And for what you are setting out to do. Discover how to harness people's deep longing to be part of something way bigger than themselves and focus that longing on living bigger lives with and within your organization. (See page xx)
  • The ACCU approach to easily establish a 'Same-Page-Burning-Platform-For-Change' within 3 weeks. Do this and your people will soon be running ahead of the pack to get things going in new directions. (See page 17)
  • The Fit4Leadership Visual Model that allows you to quickly place your organization in 1 of 4 quadrants. See straight away what to work on. This alone provides a powerful onboarding tool & roadmap for all leaders in your organization. This combines hard and soft targets in one simple visual. (See page 21)
  • The Do IT Yourself Fit4Quickscan. This is the tool that enables leaders to walk into any organization and - within days! - get an accurate helicopter view of where things are at today. Simple checklists that give immediate insight in your current abilty as organization and leaders to Connect, Change, Lead and Play. You, and your people also, will love the insight this gives. (See page 33)
  • Why MBTI should be your personality typing tool of choice. This new visual way of mapping MBTI types in your organization directly shows possible disconnects between temperaments of your MT and the rest of the organization. This proprietary visual way of mapping MBTI leadership types now for the first time ever is available to you. So you too can see at one glance what the strong temperamental points AND blind spots are of your organization and teams. This alone will make your life as a leader so much easier! (See page 35)
  • The Can Your Leaders Drive Change - Checklist. 27 questions to ask and see how capable you and your leaders are today to drive successful change. Discover the FIFO Principle that makes or brakes any change program, it is NOT what you think! (See page 38)
  • The Servant Leader Checklist - Our Proprietary research with a manager of the year client of ours uncovered the 8 COUNTER behaviors every leader should STOP with ASAP. Do this and you'll see a positive avalanche of change and growth. Faster than you think! See page xx)
  • The Pawn2Player secrets to rapidly turn energy behind resistance into forward moving energy to get things done. Watch engagement soar once you apply this tool in your arsenal as a leader. (See page 41)
  • Why focusing on people's responsibilities is NOT the thing to do. Discover the far more powerful force that drives most successful leaders. See how to light fires in people's hearts that gets them hot for speedy improvements and at the same time increases any organization's ability to deliver. (See page 49)
  • Why only 3 or 4 KPI's are enough, so forget about the rest. Just like the largest doors turn on just a couple hinges, so this shows how to find the 'Hinge KPI's' that will do the heavy lifting for you in your organization. (See page 55)
  • How to properly establish 'Telltales' on all levels of your organization. Do this wrong and it is like throwing oil on the fires of distrust & resistance. Do this right and see people grow faster than ever believed possible. (See page xx)
  • What behaviour to spot AND stop at all levels in any organization. This behavior never works and yet shows up in almost EVERY organization. NOT recognizing and stopping this behavior will halt and slow down any effort to speed up and improve things. Includes our proprietary checklist to get people to recognize this behavior themselves and see what to replace it with. Finally focus all energy on really playing ball! Get ready for some refreshing bluntness! (See page 64)
  • This simple exercise helps you & your people visualize the real playing field of your organization. Take full control of all enemy-seeking-energy that exists within your organization and refocus it away from parties within to worthwhile challenges outside. See how to strategically use outside challenges to make inside problems disappear. Watch your people get things done on the playing field that matters most. (See page 73)
  • The ONE neuroscientific breakthrough that explains How To Develop Talent Fast, and it is NOT by focusing on people's competencies. That is so old school... And won't get you anywhere fast. Learn how Modelling and Challenge are the powers of choice to develop talent fast. (See page 77)
  • How To Turn Work Into Play And Play2Win, with the Fit4Tomorrow Visual Framework for Change. In one easy to understand and explain Visual Map, you'll get an overview of everything that must be on your radar if you want to implement rapid and successful change. (See page 84).
  • How to redesign any organization so doing the right thing is the best and most fun thing to do. Discover the Freedom2Play principle and how it needs the counterprinciple of Value2Deliver to bring your organization AND your people to their next levels. (See page xx)
  • Discover how to use the 2 principles of Organize2Win and People2Grow to explode your organization on the fast path to sustainable excellence. This is where you lay the foundation for excellence today while at the same time getting ready for what customers want tomorrow. (See page xx)
  • How to use the 20/80 rule to put the 7 most effective consulting tools in the hands of your own employees and turn them into the best consultants possible. Watch them get more results than most outside consultants. See the One-Page-Overview of the 7 Lean and Six Sigma tools that will allow your own people to get you 80% of your success in short order. (See page 91)
  • The ZUMO principle that combines MVP thinking with Agile, Lean and Six Sigma. Apply this on a daily basis and your people will soon soar to unprecedented heights of teamwork and getting things done. This is how to win hearts of employees AND customers in any market. (See page xx)
  • How to grow followers into strong and capable leaders who will be able to replicate success on their own. Yes, this WILL lead to people leaving your organization, but the sheer fact that people grow fast under your leadership will attract more new talent and develop it fast. This is talent management with boots on the ground, no theory but this simply works! (See page xx)
  • How To Build A Strong Personal Leadership Brand & become the leader everyone wants. Do NOT be surprised if headhunters go after you now more than ever before! (See page xx)


Pretty amazing right?

But don't take my word for it.

See for yourself what other leaders who have successfully faced the challenge of change had to say about this way of leading change...

I Was Sceptical…But I Could Feel A Shift In Atmosphere Within 2 Weeks

“Fantastic! Of course I was sceptical when I bought your program. I had tried many so-called turn around approaches in the past and resistance always reared its ugly head. So I wasn’t expecting any miracles.

However, within just two weeks after implementing your ACCU principle I felt a shift in my whole organization. It’s now been three months and my own people already came up with a plan that saves us 21 million Euros next year alone. That is 16% of our yearly budget.Thank You!”

— W.K. - Director Operations Technical Services Organization with 1400 FTE's in a Post Merger situation.

Thanks! This Is The First Time We Managed to Successfully Replicate My Success

"Every time we got a reward, people asked me how I did it, I always showed them everything. But that never helped anyone do the same, until now!

Since we used what you put on paper, 2 other countries in our multinational organization with close to 30.000 people wordwide, are moving up the ranks fast!

The key is the UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES of Onboarding People For Change that you uncovered.

We have now proven it to work in a variety of situations. Thanks and Well Done!"

— J.E. - Managing Country Director of Large Wordwide BPO Organization, who grew his country from 400 - 1200 FTE's in 4 short years.

Watch Out! Things WILL Start Moving

"We are a very hands on organization. Over the years I have seen many consultants come and go, and nothing ever changed.

But as soon as we started working with this, things started moving. The real 'underwater' roadblocks were surfacing.

This is a surefire way to drain the swamp and move things forward.

Watch out though, you need balls as a leader to do this. It presents a merciless mirror. It shows what happens in your organization as a reflection of your leadership. Which is not always nice to see, but it definitely worked!"

— S.N. - Manager Operations Port Terminals, managed to increase production with 30%, and lower damages at the same time.

That’s just three of the experiences of leaders applying The Successful Leader's Blueprint For Rapid & Successful Change.

Successful leaders are now taking full control of their change programs and are getting people on board fast.

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Robert Feddes
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